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Capturing Your Memories, Not Your Attention.

Good Morning! Morning is such a hopeful time; the beginning of something new... You will often hear me say "Good Morning" regardless of the time of day!

Unassuming Lens Photography is a southern New Jersey based small business that creates photographic art at your wedding, family reunion, engagement, maternity celebration, anniversary, birthday, graduation, sporting event, or any important time using the beauty of natural light wherever possible. We use bright prime lenses which allow us to create artistic photographs where the subjects “pop” against a warm, ethereal, blurred background.

Unassuming Lens Photography- Our Story

My wife Vera and I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting our site!  We would be honored if you’d stay to read our story!

My interest in photography blossomed when my father taught me to use his old fully manual Yashika film camera. I still remember photographing the reflection of the bay in the hazy patina of the chrome side-view mirror of my classic car as the water faded away into the gentle curves of the front fender…

Fast forward a few years later when I was presented with the opportunity to create a program teaching photography to teenage students with my friend and fellow art teacher, Katie.  Our class has been evolving for over a decade to marry art with science by allowing our students' creative vision to become reality through learning the technical aspects of photography.

It was within this context that I was approached by a wedding planner to photograph a wedding she had on her schedule.  I had never photographed a wedding before, but as someone who enjoys a great challenge and learning new creative skills, I said yes!  I knew I only had one chance to capture the precious moments of this day that are so important to the Bride and Groom, and their families.  I was surrounded by an amazing group of people at this event and I was instantly in love with wedding photography! 

It is because of these experiences that we launched our business, Unassuming Lens Photography. Vera, a talented artist with a keen eye for color, context, and composition, co-edits the photographs. Within these edits, we strive to bring out the best in the people and events by focusing on and enhancing the details while maintaining the integrity of the photograph to accurately reflect the day.  Simply put, we will enhance the reality of the photograph, not create a work of fiction in color or composition.


During your Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera, First Communion or Engagement, we will capture your memories, not your attention. It is your day to enjoy!  We have never appreciated overly conspicuous photographers.  We will document your special day while giving you and your event the quiet respect it deserves.  Hence our slogan: Creating. Curating. Quietly.

We have been told by many that we have a laid-back style, yet are  truly professionals; that we have mastered our craft and our photographs are viewed as “art”.  We sincerely appreciate our clients that have been kind and generous and have given us the opportunities to document their special occasions!

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes…” John 3:8

Creating. Curating. Quietly.

Chris, Creative South Jersey Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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